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Dream Team (Princes and sort of Adoptables) by shainanan
Dream Team (Princes and sort of Adoptables)
So I had the idea of a prince academy
Like only for royalty training to be a king and stuff
I sunk a good two hours into them and I didn't even draw the bodies
Also sorry because this sucks, both bio and drawings ;-;
Oh and also these little babs can be adopted for a small point fee of like maybe 50, if you're crazy enough to like one. (See bottom for important info, especially the awesome base maker!)
I didnt spell check or re-read any of this eue


-Spations live on the darker side of the farthest planet from the sun, Xercaoime, studying human life.
-Because of the study of human life, they have many of the same products Earth has, such as candy bars and smartphones, that they mass produce to send to the rest of the planet.
-Their king, Gax, is everyone's king, as it is his responsibility to watch over the life in the Milky Way and maintain order.
-They are born with a deformation of the eyes known as galaxation, which causes the eyes to adopt the colors and star patterns of other galaxies.
-The prince, and later on king, is destined from birth, as one child every hundred years is born with three eyes, the mark of the king.
-As the marked one grows, they grow more and more eyes until they have eleven, one for every planet in the solar system.
-The average height of a Spation is at the five-foot mark, male or female.
-The Spations have the only prince to change title beyond prince to king, i.e. Space Prince to Galaxy King


-Kelaluminhakulukuluquikolomin, or Kel.
-Some freckles connect like constellations 
-Ate an entire container of glitter at the age of three.
-Did it again at the age of ten.
-And sixteen.
-Has nightmares about Fetty Wap.
-Once sucked a dick for a Klondike Bar.
-Okay, well, more than once.


-Woodlanders live on the bright side of Xercaoime, focused on preserving forest and animal life.
-Woodlanders king is also Gax, but their sub-king, or the king of the bright side, is Knull.
-The bright side produces the best fruit
-The prince, and later on king, is determined from the age of twelve, the age where the prince's wooden antlers begin to grow in
-The antlers can grow any tree-born fruit
-Woodlanders have an average height of around nine-foot two for males, nine-foot five for females.


-Has held twenty-three funerals, one for each insect he's accidentally killed.
-The botany class loves him.
-Contrary to popular belief, he's wearing a tunic, not a dress.
-Would totally wear a dress.


-Dollites inhabit the grey area between the light and dark areas.
-They mainly produce media.
-They are considered the most attractive species in the Milky Way.
-The prince is determined from birth, as one child every two hundred years is born with ball joints.
-There are two types besides the royal ball joints, the Porcelains and the Plastics.
-The Porcelains are typically paler and stiffer.
-The Plastics are typically tanner and more flexible.
-Ball Joints are the most flexible, and range in all colors, more commonly right in the middle of Plastics and Porcelains.


-Jalele, or Lele.
-Has popped out his arm sixteen times in one day.
-Was given a beej for a Klondike Bar.
-Ate a roll of tin foil at the age of six because it was shiny
-Always has great hair

I probably forgot a lot, and I'll probably come up with more in the future, but for now these are the three main princes.
If anybody wants one, I'd be glad to make one, but I doubt that, if anybody made it this far, they'd want one.
But yeah, this was a lot of fun.

base by :iconfuufuu-dopts:

my thighs are thick but so is my wallet so who's the real winner
I really want to do some cosplay
I don't want to be alone because I'm hella scared of doing it solo
Rainy Greens by shainanan
Rainy Greens
I might not be good at drawing, but at least I know I'm a semi-decent photagrapher
my thighs are thick but so is my wallet so who's the real winner

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pssssst guess what
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apocaIyptica Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015
kkk plot twist here we go
how about we all just meet up on 3rd street anyways
your grandparents and parents wouldnt even see her, anyways
shainanan Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Student General Artist
the thing isn't just that my grandparents wouldn't want her here, it's that I don't want her here, because ever since we planned this it was just us, and I think your mom is incredibly rude to force this person onto not only you but to me and my family without even cosulting us in the first place, where we could have politely told her no instead of this ending up with me crying in frusration
apocaIyptica Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015
well, i'm sorry, but i just wouldnt want to hurt her feelings
she literally has no friends that speak to her other than me, as i've said before, and this is a good chance
to get her out of the house and be with others. i can't help that this is going to happen, y'know?
you could always just talk to elizabeth and go with her, if you want someone else -
i'm sorry, but if you want to go with someone as well, it would either be all of us or nothing
i didn't mean to hurt your feelings about this at all!
shainanan Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Student General Artist
we still could have used some time in advance
im literally trying not to cry right now because i feel like ever since school started
my life is getting worse
most of my friends stopped talking to me, i eat alone at lunch, elizabeth isnt talking
to me right now, i pissed off two of my closest friends and we may never talk again,
and i have major issues with abandonment and rejection
ive thought about hurting myself multiple times, i just want to lay down and never
get up again, and it feels like i cant talk to anybody
and youre the only one that i want, that i would cancel plans or skip school or walk
a mile for, im sorry that i cant help it
and im sorry for ranting to you
but its like youre my only true friend, because there are people ive known longer
than you, but i feel like i know you the most, and you care for me, unlike the others
it may be my last halloween, but i think i can handle spending it alone, i dont need
any candy anyway
im not trying to guilt you into anything, but it feels like you would rather hurt my
feelings instead of hers
but its alright, i can tell you have stronger bonds and prior engagements
so have fun today, for me
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apocaIyptica Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015
when do you expect me over ??
shainanan Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Student General Artist
your mom said around 2
but no earlier than 12, no later than 2:30, if possible
Also, what's the dress code for that dance?
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