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Mily Cyris by evoIution

The combination of color and line work is amazing. It takes such skill to portray realism like this. The shading is marvelous. It must ...


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My very own Munt by shainanan
My very own Munt
I made all of my friends from another account on the Sims 4
Arynn died in the Great Oven Incident of 2014, so I had to make a replacement
Munt is from Inside Gaming's Sims 4 series
I want to do an art trade/collab but I can't draw on the computer and I don't have any friends who are on frequently *floes awee wit guldan skatbord*
No matter what evoIution says, this is what happened. I don't care who you think is right or wrong, she has a tendency to twist peoples words so people are in favor of her, so this is the true story, copied right from our kik conversation.
Her: I can't believe you two didn't care ahaha

Me: What

Her: You two excluded me then I left 
Like I barely existed

Me: How did we exclude you
We talked about a road trip to Texas and that was the only thing exclusively us. Then Stevie said something about wanting to go to every Comic Con, I mentioned New Orleans, then she mentioned San Diego and you left
Anywhere in that conversation you could have cut in

Her: You two and your little trip, which was JUST you two, I said three things which were ignored by the both of you.

Me: I 'ignored' them because I'm trying to be productive and finish the first chapter of my story so my beta reader can go over it
I don't know what Stevie was doing but I did not ignore you, I acknowledged your statement but I did not write back

Her: I felt just ignored, and from what I am reading, it was just Stevie. 

Me: I did not ignore you, I just had better things to do

Her: Of course.

Me: Really? This is how it is? After I forgave you for actually ignoring me when you were supposed to come over to my house for a project only you wanted to do without the smallest indication to the fact you weren't coming? After you ignored me and Stevie at your house for your friends and made us feel the need to leave after you went emo like you always do and ignored everyone like a moody little brat?
Whatever, I don't even care anymore. I've spent too long caring about you more than my own happiness or common sense. Now your words are just another chapter in your book of lies where you try to make yourself the victim.

Her: You know what?
You're right. Absolutely right.
I was a little brat when you spent the night. After all, you left the room and went upstairs, looking through my bedroom without explanation.
And once you and Stevie came together, you constantly kept killing me over and over on Minecraft, and were talking in references I didn't understand. I went upstairs to talk with my mom, lied down on the couch a bit, and took a shower just to let you guys talk about your topic about whatever. Once I came back you two on the couch looked so happy and ignored me when I came back. So I sat on the beanbag, tried to take a nap, and you brought up the idea of leaving. Stevie picked up on the idea and so you both left. I was alone with no explanation, and was left to clean your guys' mess.
Who really lost here?
I had to go with my mom and dad to go to an appointment on weight loss.
Good enough reason.

Me: Oh, you don't even deserve the right of our time. I went upstairs, dug through my backpack, and saw the bugs in -my- jar that I left there and decided to check on them. Because you decided to be as bad a parent as you are a friend and they died. We kept killing you because we play games differently than you, and you should respect that. We say our references and you say yours, you should respect that as well, especially when you were playing a movie I didn't like and music I would rather not even exist and not even made the compromise to put on music we all like. When you came back in we had our own server, which we invited you to play on, -you- ignored -us- and decided to keep being moody rather than take up any of the offers we made. Stevie said she wanted to go home because of whatever reason, I decided I'd rather go home than spend another second with you, and we left, seeing as you don't have the compassion to care about anybody other than you. You complained about the explanation you got from Stevie, yes, -the explanation-, and didn't ask us to do anything. Besides, it's fitting to have a dirty room to go with your trashy attitude. Yeah, you lost. You lost the two people who put up with your crap. You lost the two people willing to do a cosplay with you we didn't want to do. You lost two people who considered you a friend. What did we lose? A big weight of our backs, the burden of a selfish friend, the responsibility of taking care of an emotionally unstable baby who likes to play the victim. If this is what you are actually like, don't even talk to me.
I've been a deviant for two years? What am I doing with my life...
A fire starts in Goodwill. Panic! At the Discount.

You have to run to a party. Sonic! At the Disco

A monster attacks a small city. Panic! in San Francisco

You bring a book to a party. Phonics! At the Disco

I told these to Ali in the car. She isn't talking to me anymore.
I want to do an art trade/collab but I can't draw on the computer and I don't have any friends who are on frequently *floes awee wit guldan skatbord*

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